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Penny Lane

The first thing you encounter when you get through security is the Penny Lane coffee-island. Perhaps you have visited Penny Lane's cozy café in the center of Aalborg? Penny Lane is known for their delicious and quality bakery bread - and at the airport it is no different. It is Penny Lane in Aalborg that delivers the bread fresh to the airport.

The Penny Lane coffee-island has a large selection of hot drinks, where you can find various coffees such as cafe latte, cafe au lait, flat white etc. At the same time, you can also enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, chai latte, matcha latte, iced coffee or a delicious frappe. Find the drinks here.

At Penny Lane you can find a buttered bun, a delicious cinnamon roll, a juicy brownie and of course a crispy croissant. In DELI you will find lunch and snacks, where breakfast is served from Penny Lane, which has a large selection of freshly baked bread and delicious cake. Find the menu from Penny Lane here.

Penny Lane menu:

Drinks - Food

Penny Lane is open every morning from the first departure until between 17.00 and 18.00 – depending on the number of departures and passengers.

You can contact DELI and Penny Lane on:

Phone: +45 96 32 67 79