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Travellers with a disability

Travelers with disabilities are guaranteed the same comfort and rights at the airport and on the flight as all other passengers.

Moreover, an EU regulation (1107/2006) obliges all airports in Europe to offer help to "Persons with reduced mobility (PRM)". However, there are certain rules for disabled passengers. Persons with disabilities who require assistance should, for example, notify the airline or travel agency prior to the travel. This will be necessary when the disabled person needs assistance through the airport and on the flight. All the necessary information can be found under each category displayed below.

  1. Order assistance
  2. Security
  3. Bus, car parking
  4. Aids
  5. Venues
  6. Further information
  7. Parking lot

1. The request for assistance is made simultaneously with the purchase of ticket through the airline or travel agency.

Remember! Assistance is available through the airline or travel agency when purchasing the ticket. The airport will be informed of the circumstances, automatically.

Remember! Assistance must be booked at least 48 hours before departure.

It's specially trained staff from Aalborg Airport, who provide assistance all the way through the airport including the boarding. Inform the airline/travel agency, if there is a need for:

  • Assistance through check-in
  • Assistance through security
  • Assistance with boarding and when you again need to disembark upon return
  • Own wheelchair, (electric or collapsible)
  • Your own certified service dog

It is possible for a personal assistance to gain access to the departure hall. If wanted the assistant must contact the airport office.

2. Security

Access through security is the same as for other airport travellers. It is of course possible to get additional assistance through the security area.

See information about security here

3. Bus, Car, Parking

A) Buses

See Nordjyllands Trafikselskab for additional info.

Buses are in the immediate vicinity of the terminal. 

B) Parking with car

Parking outside the Direct Parking is free at Aalborg Airport.

There have been established parking spaces for disabled close to entrance 1 of the terminal. These parking spaces are also intended as the venue for PRM outside.

At the same time, there are special parking spaces for disabled at the twelve hour parking zone, again just outside the terminal.

4. Aids


You can borrow a wheelchair at the airport, and if you arrive early, there will be better time for ensuring that your own wheelchair is ready for departure.

5. Meeting Point for Disabled Passengers

The meeting point is to the right of the first revolving door in the terminal in front of the check-in area.

See outline of the terminal here

At the meeting point, there will be a direct telephone line to the Airport Office, where your arrival must be reported. (The phone is under construction) Arrival can also be reported on cell phone: +45 98 17 11 44.

The Airport Office should be informed on the following number, if you are delayed in any way:

+ 45 98 17 11 44

Entrance to the terminal

A button marked with a blue disability badge, right outside the revolving door lowers the door speed if it is necessary.

Facilities associated with the meeting point for disabled people in the terminal::

There will be clear signage in Danish and English indicating that it is the meeting point for travelers with disabilities

Text used on signs:

Mødested / Call Point disabled Passengers

6. Further information

The current guiding floor line is replaced with a clearer, 20 cm wide guideline, which starts at the revolving door. It leads to a marked area (90x90 cm) just outside the meeting point. Here the guideline is redirected 90 degrees and continues a few meters to the next marked area under the phone. Next to the phone, seats are established, where you can wait for the appointed airport staff.

There are toilet facilities for disabled to the left of the security area. Elevators provide access to the balcony on the first floor.

For further questions, please contact the Airport Office: +45 98 17 11 44​​.

7. Parking lot