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Aalborg Airport's terms and conditions

Aalborg Airport's website is owned and administered by Aalborg Airport a.m.b.a, which holds the rights to the content you find on the page. When you visit, it is therefore important that you understand a range of terms and conditions which are detailed below. Therefore, you must read and agree to these. By using the website you agree that you adhere to and be bound by these terms and conditions.


Everything you see on the website belong to Aalborg Airport. This includes text, photographs, illustrations, graphics, audio clips, video clips and audio-video clips, which are copyrighted. You have the right to use the content to some extent, where you can save, download, copy and print content from the page - on the premise that it is only for personal use. That means that your usage is limited to non-commercial - to which content can not be published on other websites or media.

If you want to use content and possibly logos for other purposes than for personal use, you must contact Aalborg Airport. It is thus possible to obtain a written permission from Aalborg Airport for an extended usage agreement. This will vary from case to case, why it is important to emphasize that each authorization is limited to the specific case.


Under "Press", there have been made images available. It means, you can download the images and use them at the mention of Aalborg Airport in other media - with the premise that they are used in a legal context.


Aalborg Airport is pleased to receive comments and views on this site, as it may contribute to a better service on the website. Feedback, comments, views and ideas are considered non-confidential. Therefore, we have the rights to the information you send to us, why we ask you not to send any information you do not want us to have the copyright to.

Third party information and external links

This website also presents third party content and links to websites that are not controlled by Aalborg Airport. These are designed to give you access to information that could be of interest to you. These include bus schedules to and from the airport and the weather forecasts for various destinations. Aalborg Airport offers no guarantee that third party information and content on other websites are always accurate and updated. The airport is therefore not responsible for the use of these websites and the use of third party information.