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The island is tranquil, where nature and wildlife is a unique feature to the area. With temperatures around 25 degrees, the island is a perfect place for your next trip.

Do you desire sunshine and a nice climate, then La Gomera, undoubtedly, will be something for you. La Gomera is situated close to the more famous island of Tenerife, but "the round island" as the island is called by the locals, has a great deal to offer.

Although the islands of Gran Canaria and Tenerife are greatly attracted by tourists, this has not had an influence on the smaller Canary Island of La Gomera. Here, the majority of the 20,000 inhabitants live of agriculture, and although tourism is slowly growing on the island, the population is not interested in being hit by the mass tourism that characterizes some of the other islands. La Gomera can be described as a bit of a rough diamond in the Canarian archipelago and the island houses several exciting places.

San Sebastián is the island's capital. Here you will find, among other things, the island's scenic waterfront and Casa de Colón or the House of Columbus, said to be the house that Columbus resided in, during his first visit to La Gomera. It was also from the island that Columbus set sail in the year of 1492 prior to the discovery of America. You can walk in his footsteps and see the well from which fresh water was fetched for the long journey. At the well is written: "The water from this well baptized America ". The house is now a museum, a library and a study center, with exhibits of pre-Columbian articles and other treasures from the Canary Islands' history and relationship with America.


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Ideal for Mountain Hiking

La Gomera, being a volcanic island, has not had a volcanic eruption in over 2 million years, which is why the island offers an incredible natural exuberance, where both the wild flowers and birdlife live in harmony in the deep woods and green valleys. The varied nature is truly unique to the area, so it is one of the reasons to visit the beautiful island.

The island's mountainous conditions and steep gorges makes hiking ideal for both beginners and advanced hikers. Here you can among other things experience the national park and the largest virgin forest, Garajonay, which takes its name from the 1484 meter high mountain, which is also the island's highest point. From the top of the mountain there is a spectacular view, where you have the opportunity to look to neighboring islands in clear weather. The uniqueness of this national park, which is on UNESCO World Heritage List, is that there are about 40 plants that do not grow anywhere else in the world.

Sunny Holidays

The island's beautiful and untouched nature, along with the relaxing atmosphere of Valle Gran Rey, makes La Gomera a place for everyone. The name of the valley translates to 'The great king's valley', a reference to the mighty King Orone who owned the valley in the period of Guanche.

In the Hermigua Province they grow sugar canes, and also the banana production is very distinct in this area. Even the locals like to grow grapes, tomatoes and bananas on their own terraces, which you will notice when you go through the small alleys of the cities. The people are incredibly friendly-minded, meaning that if you are curious about their cultivation of various fruits and vegetables, then you just ask them. They are very open and would love to show you their gardens.

Do you want an active vacation, the island also has an excellent golf course equipped with the best grass, and with lots of sunny days and a pleasant climate, La Gomera is an ideal destination for the whole family.